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It’s part of “spinning plates” where a man is dating several women concurrently.Fundamentally, it’s a good attitude for a man to take when dealing with attraction and dating. It’s important that a man understands his own relationship goals.They are so committed to these limiting beliefs that they often miss opportunities to meet the right people.If you find yourself thinking this way about your love life, that there are limited options for you, then you’re dating with a scarcity. There is someone looking for a partner just like you who you are completely compatible with. This is the best way to start living in abundance and believing that the right person is on their way into your life.

You can read about negs and apocalypse openers all night but that is still not action. You don’t think too much or too deeply about things that don’t matter. They’re probably sleeping all the time, with their eyes wide open. Abundance is on the way–if you get off your ass and practice.One that acknowledges there are limits to what you can have in love. In order to adopt an abundant way to dating you must adopt the following beliefs. If you are open to the possibility that the right people exist you will have better chance of meeting them and you’ll also recognize them when you do. Believe in abundance in dating and you will enjoy a life full of eligible people.Don’t limit your dating pool based on your scarcity mindset. Watch this video and comment, I hope this was helpful. If that means cleaning your room, or writing a sweet guitar riff…do that. If that means going to a club and approaching women until dawn, so be it.

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I’m fully aware that the PUA and MGTOW divisions of the Manosphere advise that a man never enter into an exclusive and committed relationship with a woman. The unintended consequence of such advice – when combined with internalized abundance mentality – is that ALL women become the wrong woman to commit to.