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Dating coach calgary

Decide what you're looking for, say it and give the person the opportunity to stay or leave.

Have the honesty and conviction to tell the other person what you want." Macapinlac has been in a similar situation as many of the people who seek his professional help.

Back in 2003, my family and I immigrated to Canada from the Philippines. The first few years in a new country was a tough transition for me due to a number of reasons…

I didn’t speak English, I was massively overweight and I was painfully shy.

When the 2008 recession hit, Macapinlac got laid off from his job and decided to follow his new passion and became an intern with the company.

He spent three years traveling across Canada doing boot camps.

"I also make sure they can speak authentically and emotionally.

Most men haven't been trained to communicate emotionally," says Macapinlac. At 60 and twice–divorced, his client was determined and not ready to give up on love. "Two weeks after the program, he successfully found a girlfriend which goes to show, if you put in the work, results are inevitable." In terms of how dating has changed over the years, Macapinlac believes traditionally women were looking for a provider but now many are making their own money so that's not a priority.

"They're not looking for financial security anymore; they're looking for an emotional connection.

"Depending on your upbringing and previous experiences - that's going to affect how you see things moving forward and that can empower you or leave you disempowered." From there, Macapinlac says it's important to get clarity on what it is you're looking for. So people need to figure out what they want that experience to look like before figuring out what kind of partner will fulfill that." Jesse Penner, 29, has come across many men throughout the years whom she feels could definitely benefit from a program such as this.

"It seems like so many of the single men out there are almost jaded.

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Having spent his developing years in a Muslim country, he felt out of place and didn't understand the Canadian culture.

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