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We both smiled and had a great laugh and of course I added, “well, I am.” I then started thinking about my use of the phrase “I’m a Princess”.

So, we have to do a little detective work to figure it out. Listen, finding out if a woman likes you and how much she likes you can be a challenge because: 1.

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I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine the other night and the conversation took us to a couple we know.

And that means reading her ACTIONS toward you (not what she ) over time. (Believe it or not, there are TONS of guys out there who are to women who aren’t in love with them AT ALL…Welcome to the modern family…). And you’re going to be 100% cool with the reality of her interest in you either way.

We just have to find out what the truth actually is. And, because it’s SO MUCH BETTER to be with a woman who obvious, but I can’t even tell you how many men are “dating” women who don’t even like them and who are going out with them for some OTHER reason than being interested in HIM. That’s why I CRINGE when I hear a story about a guy who asked his girlfriend out 3 times before she said yes… Because the “hope” zone IS the friend zone in disguise.

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What if it is a women that you are dating or have gone on a date with who doesn’t say she is a Princess but says, “She wants to be treated like a princess? Most of the time when a women say she is a Princess what really is being said is, “I expect you to be my Prince Charming and for me to be your Princess.” Women grow up fantasizing about Prince Charming and in the fantasy, he really is charming.