Eita ueno juri dating

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Eita ueno juri dating

credits to lane_myer @ LJ On another note, I’m sure many people already know of the existence of 2ch, the ultimate forum in Japan with topics about everything that can be talked about.

You can read the wiki page, if you haven’t heard of it. Anyway, the only reason why I bring it up is because there was the story of Densha Otoko, which was soon created into .

Eita plays character Nakaji who is a cameraman, Ueno Juri plays Haru a part time teacher, Jaejoong plays Doctor a salesman, Seki Megumi plays Peach a children clothes sales clerk, and Tamayama Tetsuji plays Linda/Rinda an editor. Tamayama said “this time many are around the same age so I got excited and drank too much, and Jaejoong made me drunk *laughs*. Jaejoong and Eita and everyone is really strong.”Jaejoong said “Tamayama-san is like my neighbor’s older brother *laughs*. If I have a chance I want to see who is stronger *laughs*” and Eita who go asked to challenge said “no thank you *laughs* (to the challenge).” And rejected the challenge but said “Jaejoong is a really honest person.

He can say what is good or bad and it feels nice to be around him”. Ueno Juri talked about seki megumi who plays her best friend.

An article I came across: The new fuji tv drama that’s starting in april “Sunao ni narenakute” had an interview on the 14th where Eita, Ueno Juri, Jaejoong (Tohoshinki), Seki Megumi, and Tamayama Tetsuji were all there.

The story is about 5 peoples love and friendship which they meet through twitter.

I haven't seen Seki Megumi since LIFE where she was both brilliant and my favorite character in that series.

Tamayama Tetsuji; I only know from two other series but I missed him as the lovable older brother from Brother Beat.

Because we have a relationship where we can rely on each other, I want to give it my all.” We have been in the same movie before called ‘ warau daitenshi’ and she’s a cool/calm person but she’s actually a very funny person and we get to film longer this time so im excited”.Seki said “I like how juri thinks about other people and her power towards acting, she’s very reliable.” It seemed that they both like each other.The rest of the cast is pretty much a bonus for me.Juri and Eita together again, both being the superb actor and actress they are themselves, are a must see.

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