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Examples of creative dating profiles

Miraculously, his work hadn’t suffered—which says a lot about Klein’s extraordinary sense of responsibility to his company—and, for the most part, neither had his public image.

But then, on March 24, 2003, less than six weeks after Klein and his longtime friend and business partner, Barry Schwartz, sold their company to Phillips–Van Heusen, picking up 0 million in cash for themselves (plus approximately million in PVH stock, along with future royalties), the designer set jaws dropping, tongues wagging, and headlines screaming across New York.This recognition had to have been hard for a man who is so obsessed with perfection—in the clothes he designed, in bodies, in colors, in photographs, in houses, in the suits he now wears (made by Caraceni, once Gianni Agnelli’s tailor)—that he has spent much of his life in pursuit of it; the rigor of that pursuit is one of the things that define him as a designer.I found Klein’s acknowledgement of his substance-abuse relapse all the more moving because confessional speeches go against his grain. But when it actually happened I just went completely crazy. ”There was also reason for concern on a more personal level.I’ve known him well for about 6 years, and casually for 12 years before that, and I can just picture him playing the scene over and over in his head the next day, torturing himself.

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