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Looking into the psychology of eating, nothing is more telling than the language we use.Words concerned with loss, defeat, denial and deprivation become the pillars of our vocabulary. From childhood we teach ourselves or others to bargain with food.

Well, there are a couple of things that may help: Many people see weight loss as a means to getting other things that they want in life - a relationship, better job or even more self-confidence, so it's important to ask yourself if losing weight will bring you those things or if there are other ways to obtain them.

Such beliefs stay with us and, as we get older, we continue to use food to comfort ourselves when we are down.

Paradoxically, however, as we get older we also begin to associate being good with the denial of food.

From the moment we make the connection that what we eat affects how we look, food is no longer just a source of energy to keep us alive - it becomes our ally and our enemy.

The relationship we have with food often provides insights into our beliefs about our body image, and in most cases the healthier the latter is, the healthier the former is.

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By pinning aspirations on a certain weight then, inevitably, if you fail to reach that weight you will feel that it's impossible to reach your aspirations, too.