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Guide to sex and dating

Radziwill will discuss and sign copies of her new book, "The Widow's Guide to Sex & Dating," at Mohegan Sun on Friday, Nov. Widowed just five years after her celebrity marriage, the Emmy award-winning Radziwill has worked on newscaster Peter Jennings' documentary unit, producing shows on gun control, and covering foreign policy stories, as well as the ABC segments "Profiles From the Frontline." Her tagline on RHONY is "all play and no work" but she seemed anything but as she Spilled the Beans with Java.Q: The first thing I just have to ask, how the heck did Bristol, Conn., get into your new book's storyline?I thought he was kidding and it seemed like the oddest job but I am a single girl with bills.Q: What's up in the new season of "Real Housewives" and who is going to emerge as the new drama queen?I have never been to Bristol but in my fantasy I picture it to be like my own small town.

RHONY isn't like that so it actually sometimes is like what we used to call in news "the blooper reel." If you say something weird or odd on RHONY it is going to be in the show.A: I think my favorite is Heather because we developed an on- and off-camera friendship.Even though she is not on the show anymore she is like family to me.I really don't think any of them would want me living next to them either. I don't care what people say about me publicly, although it doesn't feel good what some co-stars say.Q: What is the most frightening element of being on a reality show and putting your life out there? But when they talk about other people, that makes me anxious.

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I wouldn't want to live near any of the other ones, not really.

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