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Mornin All Yes, return with us now to those thrilling days of yester-year. - don't know about anyone else but this still from the shoot is enough to produce a perpetual stiffy until I view the flick. Ralphus and Scribbler - I'm assuming you guys will be tempting we mere mortals over the next week or so with teaser tidbits - guess I'll just watch a few old Calstars til I can get my hands on this one - one certainly can tell the lion by the mark of his claw. I myself would love to see what the man has stored in his personal collection! Hi All On the DVD issue I will not release one anytime soon, Ralphus and Scribbler can view the footage and give their opinions. Well, looks like yet another addition to our Notable Guests page for sure.

Say, with Blackmore lurking around again, I wonder if the Sarge can tell us if he has admitted to having any pictures or loops sitting around that were never publicly released?

Not happy with the results he binds her with wrists behind to a column.

Thin cord is wrapped around her nipples and he tightens same.

She has a waist rope rigged so that when he gives it a tug her body goes back and forth on the pony. He steps on the stones pulling her down and causing her pussy to bleed.

Apparently the interrogator has given up and releases her and she walks off. Using a huge needle and cord he sews their pussies shut.

This past weekend cost me out the ass, so I am not going to use my regular channels for this release. In case some of you are unfamiliar with the Sarge's lovely girlfriend, her pic is in my Homepage URL above.

So even if it is Pierce Brosnan in the black garb, he's pulling off a pretty good impression.Next, she is again secured to the incline rack face down and tush elevated for lashing.She has a flashback to her and hubby in just such a position.It does have some nice bondage moments and several rapes.If any fellow Gimpers have seen it and were able to figure out the context please fill me in."Torture of Japan"This feature consists of three segments, each about twenty minutes long.

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The interrogator pokes her all over with his sword.

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