K9 sex date

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K9 sex date

He again began asking her out, the complaint said, and continued even when Schnirring pointed out that he was married.

She told him she had no interest in dating a married man.

They conducted random cell searches and responded to daily emergencies.

BOSTON (CBS) — A Massachusetts State Police sergeant shared a heartfelt Facebook tribute to his late K9 partner on Saturday. “Dozer was a motivated and hard-working dog, who wanted nothing more than to work,” Ramsland wrote.

Ramsland writes in a post called “Dozer’s last ride” that the K9 officer died of cancer after nine years with the Massachusetts State Police and a happy retirement.

NYC guards strip-searched girl, 4, in jail visit with mom: suit Schnirring was transferred out of the unit she loved — and now her job has been posted as an open position, sources said.

“They don’t want her to have anything in the unit that she wants or that she worked for,” a DOC source said.

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“Any opportunity that they get to make her life miserable, that’s what they are doing.” A Correction Department spokeswoman declined to comment, citing the department’s policy against discussing personnel matters. She was assigned to some of the toughest beats from the very beginning, records show.

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