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So for more than six solid years I haven't had sex at all.Well, of course that is not strictly true because I have just had sex with a great lover who has just left me all aglow and bubbling but as far as my husband was concerned my sex-life ended when I was 40 years of age.I had never visited this website, never knew it even existed, and was shocked to think that he had.I found some stories he had written about fucking lots of women some as recent as the past few weeks, he's a liar, I know that.I married Tom when I was 18 and sex with him was never the greatest but at least I stayed faithful to him, never looked at another man, well not really. I tried to be understanding about it but gradually all outward signs of affection disappeared.All women look at other men but you know what I mean, I would never have thought to have sex with one. We like to see a great body on a man and a lovely tight arse will always get our attention, well it does mine, but that is as far as it goes normally regardless of the fact that Tom has always been a "Wham bam, thank you Ma'am" husband at best and then usually when he was drunk. No more kisses before leaving for work or on arriving home, haven't had any flowers for years.That led to one unholy row but he had been rumbled and I was starting to reassess my life. Now I must admit that once having found Literotica I could easily get aroused reading some of the stories, especially those written by some of the women authors, women who had affairs outside of their marriages, women I could relate to because of the reasons that made them do it. I spent a few crazy afternoons fingering myself silly reading some of the more exotic stories. I had found an exotic side to me I never knew existed. It was deliciously sexy and exciting, nearly had an orgasm there and then.The taxi we had ordered was taking ages and Tom had to go back inside to the loo.

My husband had been my only lover until today, now I have had a taste of something else and it was fucking amazing. This site is about ROLE PLAYING FANTASY only and all content is performed by professional actors and models. Privacy Info This site can ONLY be accessed by legal adults (over 18 or 21). He lays in bed with his back to me and snores like a pig.I am not saying these things to mitigate my actions, I care a fuck what anyone thinks of me. Half an hour ago I was fucking like there was no tomorrow with a young guy who lives a few blocks away, who is great to look at, has a fantastic physique and is just exciting to be with and to talk to.

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I know what some of you will say, two wrongs don't make a right but then he will get clean away with it and why should he? He will just walk in as normal expecting his dinner on the table. When I took a perfect opportunity to nip his gorgeous arse he needed no more encouragement. I have seen lovely arses on lots of men but there is a big difference between that and touching.

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