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She also had a string of round and yellow ornaments that hung loosely from around her waist.While imprisoned on Tequila Wolf, Robin wore a single-piece blue prison jumpsuit, which was left open to reveal her ample bosom.In the Alabasta Arc, she wore a skimpy cowgirl outfit consisting of a purple cleavage-exposing corset and matching miniskirt, both with white ornaments hanging from them, and a white fur-lined coat paired with a white cowboy hat and white high-heeled boots.At the end of the arc when she started traveling with the Straw Hats, she wore a more modest buttoned up long-sleeved lavender shirt, and purple pants and matching boots.She has no trademark looks like the others, though her all-purple cowgirl look from when she was first introduced is often associated as her trademark look.Like Nami, she seems to be fond of revealing outfits, and she is frequently wearing clothing that are either dark in color (often black or purple) or consists of leather (sometimes both).After being frozen by Kuzan and subsequently thawed out, she changed into more casual clothes to keep warm, consisting of a waist-length black sweatshirt with a dark gray hood, black leggings that reached down to the middle of her thighs, and simple white slippers.In the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arc, she wore a short, black, cleavage-revealing leather dress with long sleeves over what looked like a lighter, white polka-dotted under dress. In the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, she was seen wearing a tight-fitting, pink t-shirt that has the Galley-La emblem at the front and a pair of black trousers. Later, she replaced the T-shirt with a tight, pinstriped purple buttoned sweater and dark high-heeled shoes.

Gdy usta nie pomagają, to jest jeszcze pompka ręczna, ale i ona na nie wiele się zdała.

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Dmuchaj chłopie dmuchaj, zatkaj dziurkę, co by nie spadło ciśnienie.

Ostatnio odwiedziła nas Dominika , co zaowocowało nowym castingiem filmowym z całkowitym żółtodziobem w kwestiach sado-maso.

Jeżeli masz pytania co i jak, wtedy kiedy chciałbyś spróbować ale nie wiesz co z czym jeszcze …

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In the Skypiea Arc, she, along with Nami, changed her outfit into something more appropriate for Angel Beach, switching into a yellow sleeveless shirt and purple pants reaching to her calves (which would not get wet as she walked on the beach), with a simple belt around her waist.

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