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With police proving to be no match for the villains, the students themselves now rise to take matters into their own hands! "Justice Academy") in Japan, was one of Capcom's attempts to make a 3D Fighting Game.It was notable for having a continuous plotline, in a genre where the plot was often secondary to the fighting.The first game, , was released in arcades in 1997 and for the Sony Play Station the following year.Students from all around Japan have mysteriously been disappearing, and teams of students from various high schools wind up fighting to figure out the person(s) behind it all.

He had been selected by Tsunade since she decided that it would be better for him to travel and be on the move than staying in the village all the time…plus since he was on the move, it would make it harder for Akatsuki to track his movements.The Japanese version again had a character creation mode, this time in the form of the digitized board games (in the vein of Mario Party) that were all the rage at the time.The games are rather obscure, so there is not likely to be a sequel any time soon.Naruto at first disliked the idea, but Tsunade was more than capable of convincing him to take the mission/vacation…actually, she once more used her power to convince the hyperactive teen to take the mission, and if there was one thing Naruto learned, it was to never argue with Tsunade when she was really in a bad mood.However, he didn't dislike Tsunade and considered her as family and in a way…he didn't mind the trip.

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Deserted Island 002Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Naruto, both in the pre-time skip era and the time skip era…I'm only using them to make a story.( ): Thoughts(" ") : Conversations with the 9 Tailed Fox Author's Notes: Now it seems that there have been a few good suggestions for another pairing with Naruto, but at the moment, I've decided to do my own research and see just who I can use for a pairing.