Signs of a nigerian dating scammer Flirt for free

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Signs of a nigerian dating scammer

We're using this data to quickly surface compromised accounts, ideally before the spammers have gotten very far.When we find compromised accounts or they are brought to our attention, we're working to make sure the accounts get back to their rightful owners as soon as possible.Secondly – and this is the part to watch out for – they ask you for money.

These and other security tips can be found on our security page (

They tell you they need you to pay half their ticket fare to visit you, or that they sent you a present but it’s stuck in customs and could you please just pay to get it released?

Sometimes they’ll wheel out a sob story from their family and ask for thousands of dollars – the average online dating fraud victim pays out over ,000.

Evan: what do you want me to do Calvin: i want you to loan me 0 Calvin: i promise i pay you back Evan: how do you want me to loan it to you? Calvin: Shawnee Mission Northwest High '01 Evan: what?

Calvin: you can have the money send via western union Evan: oh yeah that's true Calvin: will you go and send it now Evan: well i don't know Calvin: you can have it send online now damn how did you get stuck there Calvin: i came here for a vacation and i was robbed by some gang Evan: ok well i want to help you, since we're friends Calvin: ok. i know Calvin: it seems you dont to help Evan: what of course i do want to help Calvin: am in a hot sits here and you asking me silly question Evan: what is hot sits Calvin: am dead here Evan: i hope you die there YOU HACKER good luck finding someone stupid bye now (a few minutes later) Evan: oh wait.

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No matter how strong you feel your bond is, check yourself before you send money to someone you’ve never met.

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