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Before he became a film star, he was a trader and adventurer in New Guinea, and had ambitions to be a reporter and author.

(In fact, he did later write two novels in addition to his autobiography.) Born and brought up in Australia, Flynn traveled to England to pursue a career as an actor, then tried his luck in Hollywood, where his fame and wealth gave him access to many more experiences.

The Tragedy of Errol Flynn I thought about these issues recently while reading the autobiography of the early film star Errol Flynn.

Flynn was in many ways a very impressive man: intelligent, determined and charismatic (as well as extremely handsome).

His main aim was to get as much out of life as he could.

You can usually find someone to fight you if you're into that.

Our time in this life is limited, and could end at any moment, so surely we should treat ourselves to as much enjoyment, adventure and experience as we can.

What would be the point of putting ourselves through suffering and hardship? When we go on vacation, we usually try to have as much of a "good time" as we can, so surely we should do the same with the "long vacation" of life?

A life based on flow, altruism and self-development becomes rich with meaning and fulfilment, in the same way that a garden that has been carefully cultivated becomes fertile and abundant. And I feel that this is largely because I have always sensed that life means much more than just enjoyment, or "having a good time." Steve Taylor Ph D is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, UK.

His latest book is The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening.

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