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Updating adobe air

You’ll need to review, remove and replace existing methods with the following: General Methods (relevant for All Ad Units): The new SDK 6.6 initializes all the relevant ad units based on the configurations you set up in the platform, instead of you initializing each ad unit separately. We recommend the first method as it will fetch the specific ad units you define.

I've been sort of struggling with Adobe Air and Ubuntu for some time now related to constant updates.

Later on Adobe Air said it needed to be updated so I clicked OK, but the update hung and would not finish.

After that my Flash player said it needed to update and did the same thing.

So if you want to disable the Adobe AIR automatic-updates, then you have to make some changes manually.

These changes are to be made in the Windows registry to disable the automatic updates.

Alternatively consider taking a look at the following video by Brent Arnold.

The video covers AIR 3.0 but the steps are the same.

If you’re using Flash Professional CS5.5 (CS6 owners should follow these steps) and would like to take advantage of the AIR 3.5 SDK then perform the following steps for your operating system of choice.Now whenever you create an AIR application it will be set to use the AIR 3.5 SDK.If you encounter any problems then you may want to refer to Daniel Albu’s excellent tutorial on the Active Tuts network.You can also use Adobe AIR Settings Manager for toggling the updates for AIR.Using these different methods, you can disable the automatic-updates of Adobe AIR in Windows.

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It offers cross-platform development so that the same AIR applications can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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