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Sam has been shown to possess talents such as telekinesis and precognitive abilities (manifesting as visions). However, as Sam's birth date is incorrectly listed as April 13, 1983, the veracity of the information is in doubt.After consuming several gallons of demon blood in preparation for becoming Lucifer's vessel, Sam was powerful enough to kill two demons without moving a muscle.Sam is also capable of inflicting intense pain on any demon, which proves useful in torturing them for information for the agony is so great that Lilith's servant begged for death after just a few minutes of exposure.This is likely true, for Sam ceases to experience visions after the demon's death in 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two, which also suggests that his visions were a result of some sort of link between himself and YED.Occurrences (in chronological order): , allowing him to move a heavy cabinet blocking his path to Dean.

This soulless version of Sam has also been proved to be quite dangerous, with his lack of emotion or empathy for others makes him something of a sociopath.Sam has a sixth sense that allows him to detect impressions or a sense of supernatural presence. Occurrences: When Sam came back from Lucifer's Cage his soul was left behind which left him completely emotionless.Castiel sticks his right arm into Sam's chest and reveals to Dean that, the reason for Sam's cold/relentless behavior is because his soul is missing because of him being in hell.Jared Padalecki Alex Ferris (Young Sam in 1.18)Colin Ford (Young Sam in 3.08, 4.13, 4.21, 5.16, 7.03 & 11.10)Nathan Smith (Young Sam in 5.22)Hunter Dillon (Young Sam in 9.07)Dylan Kingwell (Young Sam in 11.08) Listen to me, you've got this dark pit inside you. Sam's premonitions began "about six months" before Jessica's death. As the series progressed, Sam has learned to further develop his powers allowing him to exorcise demons from their human vessels and eventually to kill demons.

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